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Antler and Horn Conditioner is a Silicone Based Synthetic spray the will provide long-term protection the all types of antlers and horns.  It can be applied to both old and new trophies for years of natural color and sheen.  This conditioner will not become tacky and rancid with age, like any plant or vegetable oil.  It will also last much longer then other synthetics like WD-40 that are commonly used to moisturized antlers and horns.  This conditioner can also be used for cleaning antler and horns, including the removal of other products that may have become tacky and problematic.

Note:  It is recommended that a small trial area on the back side of the antlers and horns be treated to be sure the product will not remove colorants that have been previously applied.  This is necessary because some taxidermists will apply dye or paint to horns and antlers to achieve a more uniform coloration.  The Mount Medix Antler and Horn Conditioner may remove some or all of this previously applied material.

Product usage:  A 4 ounce bottle will treat roughly 50 whitetail deer racks, so very small amounts are used to achieve excellent results.

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