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Here you can get instructions and guidelines on how to use the Mount Medix program.

The entire Mount Medix product program can be purchased and applied without a pesticide license. Mount Saver is easy to use, leaves behind a pleasant odour, and will clean and remove dust and debris from the mounts.

For the Professional Taxidermist

Here you can get instructions and guidelines on how to use the Mount Medix program.

The entire Mount Medix product program can be purchased and applied without a pesticide license. Mount Saver is easy to use, leaves behind a pleasant odour, and will clean and remove dust and debris from the mounts.

How to produce an insect-proofed taxidermy mount?

Step 1: Use “Mount Saver Glue Additive”

Add the Mount Saver Glue Additive at a rate of 1.5% to taxidermy adhesives.  The Mount Saver Glue Additive is compatible with all common taxidermy pastes and glues when used at the recommended ratio.  For example, use 150 grams of Mount Saver Glue Additive to 10 kilo glue paste.

Helpful Hints:  Be sure to fully incorporate the additive in the glue, paste or epoxy.  The additive does not change the set-up / dry time or the adhesive qualities of the glue, paste or epoxy.

Important Notes: Mount Saver Glue Additive will prevent insect infestation, but will not provide 100% insect-free protection. Mount Saver Glue Additive used in conjunction with Mount Saver Pre Soak and Mount Protector will provide protection from insect damage indefinitely.

  • Proven Effective
  • Compatible with Taxidermy Adhesives 
  • Eliminates the taxidermy mount as a food source for the insects and larvae.
  • Easy to use


Step 1: Use Mount Saver Powder with or completely replace Borax in bird taxidermy.  However, since its introduction to the taxidermy industry several other uses have become commonplace.  The first would be to add the Powder to the chopped corn cobs, peanut shells or sawdust of other materials normally used in tumblers.  The addition allows the hair or feathers and the hide to absorb some of the Mount Medix active.  The addition of the powder to the tumblers will keep bugs out of the tumbling media. 

Then go to Step 3: Use Mount Protector (see below)

Read more on the product label

Step 2: Use “Mount Saver Pre-Soak” 

For hides: Mix 1 tablespoon (15 ml) with 4 litres of cool water and mix thoroughly. Rinse or wash the wet tanned skins in the bath containing the diluted pre-soak. For rehydration of dry tan follow the instructions provided by the tannery for soak times. The diluted pre-soak can also be sprayed onto the skin side of the hide prior to mounting. 

For horns: The “Mount Saver Pre-Soak” is also used as a treatment “bath” for horns/antlers that are not removable. This will prevent the insects from attaching to the residual fat/tissue. This is done by adding 150 grams of Pre-Soak per 5 litres of water. This mix can be used continuously as long as fresh Pre-Soak is added periodically. The soaking bath is commonly used with skulls that have been cleaned and degreased but horns have not been removed. There will be some tissue in the horn cavity that will be odourous and attract bugs, especially dermistid.  A 48 hour soak will help remove bad odour and wash away any bugs that might be present.

Important Notes:  The Mount Saver Hide Pre-Soak will prevent insect infestation but will not provide 100% insect free protection. Mount Saver Hide Pre-Soak used in conjunction with Mount Saver Glue Additive and Mount Protector will provide protection from insect damage indefinitely.

Read more on the product label

Use “Mount Saver Hoof & Horn” 

In addition to the “bath” treatment of the horns in the Mount Saver Pre-Soak, you can apply the Mount Saver Hoof and Horn to the horns and under the boss (for instance Cape Buffalo and Muskox).  This is done after the horns have been permanently attached to the skull plate.  If the skull is completely dry, seal all gaps surrounding the horn and skull with a material like epoxy or body filler.  Once this material hardens, drill very small holes into the horn cavity and inject the Mount Saver Hoof and Horn into the cavity.  The Hoof and Horn is formulated to penetrate into the tissue that may be present and prevent insect damage.  If dealing with an existing mount where damage is present, the horn cavities are a typical source of the infestation and the same process can be used.  Make sure horns are totally sealed before injecting Hoof and Horn.  After applying a liberal amount of Hoof and Horn you can optionally fill up the hollow areas / pockets in the horns and under the boss with PU foam (under pressure). Then reseal the application holes with Epoxy and touch up with paint. The horn and boss will be a very hostile environment for any insects/larvae to breed or live. 

A similar process can be used when applying the Hoof and Horn product to mounts with hooves.  As with the horn cavities, removing all soft tissue from a hoof can be impossible.  A small application of Mount Saver Hoof and Horn can prevent future insect damage.

  • Proven Effective
  • Prevents Insect Infestation
  • For Rinse or Rehydration
  • Fresh, Pleasant Odour

Read more on the product label

Step 3: Use “Mount Protector”

When the mount is finished and dry, give it a final protection treatment with “Mount Protector”. Mount Protector is simply applied to all the mount surfaces, then wiped with a soft towel to remove excess. For long-haired species, work the additive into the bottom of the hair all the way to the hide. After cleaning and drying, the mount will have been returned to its original condition, with renewed natural lustre and sheen, without looking wet or oily. Most importantly, Mount Protector will provide prevention from insect infestation and sheds dust and dirt when used for routine cleaning. Mount Protector will leave the mount smelling fresh and clean.

For bird taxidermy: Apply a light mist of Mount Protector to the bird as a finishing or long-term protection. This product will restore the natural sheen to the bird and further enhance the protection against future insect infestation. It contains agents to help the bird shed dust and dirt. Mount Protector is a prevention product that can be used on all types of taxidermy, with the exception of fish. This product is used periodically to further ensure and prevent future infestation.

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How to maintain a taxidermy mount insect-free for a lifetime?

By following the 3 steps “How to produce an insect-proofed taxidermy mount” you can, with full confidence, hand over an insect-proofed taxidermy mount to your client. The next challenge is how the client can keep the mount free of insect attacks in the future?

Actually, the taxidermy mount owner only needs an “easy-to-do” DIY annual (or semi-annual) treatment with Mount Protector that will ensure that the mount is in perfect condition and will prevent insect/bug attack throughout its lifetime.

Use ”Taxidermy Anti Fade” 

The “Anti Fade” is not a part of the insect protection program, but this will stop the colour fading or yellowing that occurs with all mounts as they age and are exposed to natural and artificial light. Spray mount to completely moisten all surfaces, but do not over apply. Wipe with a soft towel to remove excess. Do not allow droplets or puddles of product to dry on the mount. Allow to dry and groom mount if necessary.

Helpful Hints: Clean the mount very well with Mount Protector prior to application. Test on a small area on the back side of the mount as this product may slightly change the colour of the hair. 

Use “Antler & Horn Conditioner” and “Eye Cleaner & Polish”.

Antler and Horn Conditioner is a Silicone Based Synthetic spray that will provide long-term protection to all types of antlers and horns.  It can be applied to both old and new trophies for years of natural colour and sheen.  This conditioner will not become tacky and rancid with age, like any plant or vegetable oil.  It will also last much longer than other synthetics like WD-40, that are commonly used to moisturise antlers and horns.  This conditioner can also be used for cleaning antlers and horns, including the removal of other products that may have become tacky and problematic.

Note:  It is recommended that a small trial area on the back side of the antlers and horns be treated to be sure the product will not remove colourants that have previously been applied.  This is necessary because some taxidermists will apply dye or paint to horns and antlers to achieve a more uniform colouration.  The Mount Medix Antler and Horn Conditioner may remove some or all of this previously applied material.

Product usage:  A 118 ml bottle will treat roughly 50 medium sized deer antlers, so very small amounts are used to achieve excellent results.

Read more on the product label

The ”Mount Medix Eye Polish and Cleaner” is specially developed for the taxidermy industry for the specific purpose of making the glass and polycarbonate eyes look natural and real.  Its main purpose is to clean the eyes without streaking so they look and sparkle lijke a natural eye.  The Eye Polish and Cleaner also contains carnauba wax, just like high quality automobile polish, to make future cleaning easier while maintaining the “natural sparkle”.

Professional Use – The Eye Polish and Cleaner can be pre-applied to eyes before they are installed by the taxidermist.  This is accomplished by laying the eyes on an absorbent pad and misting them thoroughly with the product.  Let the eyes dry and repeat the process.  After two coats, the eyes can be installed into the mounts and will clean much easier than standard untreated eyes.  In most cases, paint overspray, clay and glue will wipe off with a cotton swab moistened with the cleaner.  After wiping heavy residue away with an initial swab, wet a second swab and polish the eyes for finishing.

Client Use – Eye Polish and Cleaner can also be used by taxidermy owners to remove dust, soot, smoke residue and other unwanted material that could be adhering to the mounts’ eyes.  The process is very simple. First wet a cotton swab with the cleaner and make an initial wipe of the eyes to remove heavy unwanted residue.  Dampen a second cotton swab with the product and polish the eyes to a like near, natural sparkle.

A 118 ml bottle should clean 100 sets of eyes, depending on the level of initial cleanliness.

Read more on the product label

How can I offer a solution for my clients to maintain an insect-free mount for a lifetime?

As an Authorized Mount Medix taxidermist you can offer your clients the chance to purchase all maintenance products from your taxidermy shop. Read more how to become an Authorized Mount Medix Taxidermist & Dealer – Click here.

How to treat an already insect infested taxidermy mount?

Instructions and guidelines on how to treat an already infested taxidermy mount – Click here.

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