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User reviews from the internet

”We use all of the Mount Medix products every day in the studio. We do a ton of African and it’s as effective as advertised. Bugs are a huge problem here in Texas and we are seeing more and more bugs and larva making their way here from prepped African trophies. After visiting a potential client’s beautiful trophy room and discovering a bug infestation…..we wouldn’t put together a piece without it!”

”I’ve been mounting with that hide paste and enjoy the smell of it. It will eventually go away after it drys. I have had customers say wow not only does my mount look awesome it smells nice too”

“Mount Medix products will work. check it out. There is Presoak, Glue Additive and Protector. If the mount has bugs already there is Mount Saver. Don´t throw it under the bus before you try it. No license needed to apply or buy..”

Breakthrough Magazine – Bird treatment article by George Ferko, Shawn Lamparter & Joe Waskovich
Insect damage to taxidermy is one of the most alarming subjects facing taxidermists today. Sportsmen are spending more than ever for high quality and artful taxidermy, and protecting them from insect infestation and damage is more important than ever.
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Client Testimonials

I add Mount Saver – glue additive by Mount Medix to the hide paste I use on all mammal and fish mounts. This helps to prevent insect damage to the mounts, which means more years for you to enjoy the memory.
Glacial Lakes Taxidermy

“In my forty years as a taxidermist one of the major concerns has always been bug infestations. I have found Mount Medix to be a safe, effective and proven method of eliminating bug and moth infestations. We use it extensively in our studio.  I have also went onsite and done complete restorations to showrooms that have been infested with moths and dermisted beetles using Mount Saver. We mix it in with our hide paste during the mounting process to cover the hide from the root up. We use the Mount Protector on the finished mounts, it works well to clean and condition the hair as well as protecting the mount. When clients ask us what can they use to clean and protect their trophies we recommend the Mount Medix products.”
Bob “Hutch” Hutchinson (Hutch’s Taxidermy Den, LLC)

“I add it in glue, and a bath especially on Ibex. I’ll also put some of the powder inside horns before bondo ing on.”
Bill Neuman

“I have mixed it in with mache around the antlers and too have rinsed the inside of horns before securing the back on”
Curtis Fischer

“I use McKenzie glue that has mount medix in it .that has to be better than nothing .then I recommend the mount protector to my customers and I stock it and sell it to them just enough markup to cover shipping costs sells for about $30 a bottle
Tim Barnes

“Give em a call… they are always cool to talk too… they have done their homework when it comes to bugs..ive used the mount protector from time to time… seem to be pretty solid products
Scott Wilshire

“love the stuff. we spray it on then blow dry after mounting.
Gst Brendan

“I did hundreds mounts in China museums, some of are in very wet environments, after using Mountmedix, bugs are gone. It’s great.
John Wang

“I’ve used it for years! Works great, I had bugs once and used this to get rid of them. Now I use it a couple times a year for maintenance when cleaning mounts. Smells good and seems to work well.
Chad Lenz

“I use mount medix twice a year. All mounts/rugs go outside and get a good cleaning and a spray down with it. I know that no mounts leave the local taxidermy shop without this either. Mounts = thousands of dollars. One bottle $20. No brainier for me, plus it smells nice. Oh, one thing we see is guys don’t take mounts down from the wall before they spray (hard to reach, heavy mounts or because it’s easier) and bugs get between wall and mount and cause damage.

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