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Insect problems in trophy mounts have been a fast-growing problem the last years, maybe because of global warming?  For more than 10 years hundreds of museums and trophy collectors in the USA have used the Mount Medix product program to protect and maintain their valuable collection of taxidermy mounts.

For those museums and trophy collectors that already have had insect infestation, Mount Medix has exterminated the insects and saved the mounts.

The ingredients in the products are approved for use in the European Union and all products are registered with Safety Data Sheets in the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

As none of the products are categorised as “pesticides” they are fully legal to buy and use without an applicator license. All products are absolutely safe to use. The Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded from the menupoint “INTELLIGENCE CENTER”

As a museum you have basically 3 options with a Mount Medix treatment:

  1. You can buy the Mount Medix products online from the exclusive European distributor Like Nature or you can buy the products from one of our authorized Mount Medix dealers (and then do the treatment with the museums own personnel). See the instruction video – Click Here
  2. Enter an agreement with a local authorised Mount Medix taxidermist, that can deliver the products and perform the treatment for the museum.
  3. Enter an agreement with the specialised “Mount Medix Service Team” that comes to your location and performs the full treatment. Fill in an application and get a quotation for the work from one of our local service teams near your address.

Cleaning and Protection

Keep the taxidermy mount in top condition and maintain the “fresh” look

Mount Protector is  formulated to clean, protect and renew taxidermy. Simply said, it’s like furniture polish for taxidermy. Mist it on and wipe away any excess. Mount Protector will eliminate the taxidermy mount as a food source for insects and their larvae when used for routine semi-annual cleaning. This product also contains conditioners to prevent drying out of the hair and hide, as well as make the mount easier to keep clean. Mount Protector will leave the mount smelling fresh and clean.  Mount Protector can be used on most mount surfaces, including hair, feathers, antlers, horns, hooves, paws and even habitat. When used in conjunction with other Mount Saver products, Mount Protector can provide years of worry-free protection against insect infestation. Note: We do not recommend using Mount Protector on fish without testing its compatibility with the clear coats and finishes on the fish before use. This product will not create a tacky build-up and can be used multiple times a year, for the life of your mount. It comes in size 16, 32 and 128 ounces (0,473, 0,946 and 3,76 liters).

 The product makes cleaning very easy. Simply completely moisten all surfaces of the mount and wipe with a soft towel. After cleaning and drying, the mount will have been returned to its original condition, with renewed lustre and sheen, without looking wet or oily. It comes in size 16, 32 and 128 ounces (0,473, 0,946 and 3,76 liters).

See the instruction video – Click Here

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Mount Protector will protect the taxidermy mount  from insect infestation when used for routine annual (or semi-annual) cleaning

If your trophy mount never has been treated, they can suddenly and without warning show signs of insect attacks. Look for “sawdust” and loose hair.


Mount Saver
If you have an insect infestation in your museum the Mount Saver is an effective solution based on natural products to eliminate insect infestation. Mount Saver is a product created specifically for the taxidermy industry to effectively wash away the insects, larvae and eggs which infest the mounts and cause damage. Furthermore the active ingredients will eliminate the mount as a food source for the future. Mount Saver can be purchased and applied without a pesticide license. Mount Saver is easy to use, leaves behind a pleasant odour, and will clean and remove dust and debris from the mounts. It is safer and less damaging than using dangerous pesticides often used by exterminators lacking taxidermy knowledge. Mount Saver is available in convenient Ready to Use or more economical concentrate for larger jobs. Comes in “Ready-to-use” size 32 and 128 oz (0,946 and 3,79 liters) plus 32 and 128 oz 1:10 concentrated ( 0,946 and 3,79 liters).  Read More…

Mount Saver Hoof and Horn (H&H) is a specialised formulation of Mount Saver designed to penetrate the soft, fatty tissue inside horn cores and soft areas in hooves.  These areas are notoriously hard to access and often contain residual tissue that will attract dermestid.  If H&H is injected or applied into these hard-to-reach areas, it will render any residual tissue inedible to the dermestid.  H&H is designed to avoid potential damage by applying the H&H during the mounting process and is also used for treating an infestation.  Read More…

Mount Saver ProAd is much like the original Mount Saver except its specifically designed for those mounts that are delicate and can least tolerate regular treatment from the water-based Mount Saver.  This is especially true if the mounts have fine hair or feathers, are freeze dried mounts or have other concerns about mount integrity.  Like the original Mount Saver, its specifically used to rid mounts of damaging insects.  Mount Saver ProAd is a premixed container of the Mount Medix active that is added by the user to a customer provided gallon of acetone, denatured alcohol or methyl acetate.  Like the water-based Mount Saver, the ProAd and will wash away insects, larvae and eggs and eliminate the mount for the future as a food source for insects and their larvae.  The most common solvent used is acetone because it’s easy to acquire and it evaporates quickly.  The primary reason for the solvent-based product is the lack of water.  Water can be damaging to some mounts or just create a lot of extra grooming work like with a bird or mammal with fine hair, because water-based products mats down the hair or feathers.  This product is a taxidermy chemical specifically designed for this purpose, unlike household or commercial pesticides that are not intended for use in taxidermy.  The active ingredient in Mount Saver is a blend of essential oils, not a harsh synthetic chemical.

Comes in in pre-measured 6 oz (177 ml) bottle to be added to one gallon (3,79 litre of solvent like acetone, denatured alcohol or methyl acetate.  Read More…


Keep the taxidermy mount in top-condition and maintain the “fresh” look

Mount Fade Protector was created to protect the colour of the mounts. It will stop the colour fading or yellowing, that occurs with all mounts as they age and are exposed to natural and artificial light. Fade Protector is sprayed on the mount and allowed to dry, where it bonds to hair, fur and feathers to create a long-lasting protective barrier against artificial and natural light. Since colour change is a relatively slow and irreversible process, most people don’t realise it’s occurring until its too late. If the mounts are close to windows or in rooms that are frequently lighted, this product is a must-have!! It comes in size 16 and 32 oz (0,473 and 0,946 liters). Read More…

Stop the colour fade / yellowing from the exposure to natural and artificial light.

“Horn and Antler Conditioner” is a penetrating siliconised oil blend that does not leave a sticky residue. Creates an authentic sheen and enhances the natural colour of the horn or antler. Simply apply, wait an hour and wipe off excess. Makes cleaning and dust removal easier as the siliconised oils help shed dirt. It comes in size 4 and 8 oz (118 and 236 ml). Read More…

“Creates an authentic sheen and enhances the natural colour of the horn or antler.”

“Taxidermy Eye Polish” will renew the sheen to older eyes. This product is an excellent eye cleaner.  For Professionals: The Eye Polish is applied to the eyes and allowed to dry before mounting. The removal of glue and paint can be done with a cotton swab moistened with the cleaner. Comes in size 2 and 4 oz (59 and 118 ml).  Read More…

Keep the eyes sparkling for lifetime

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